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Jeanne Hauer ~ Speaker, Marketeer
Jeanne Hauer ~ Speaker, Author, Marketing Success Expert
  Success Expert Jeanne Hauer Offers Success on the Run

You know you are meant to be in control of your own destiny – meant to control your own personal and career success. And you know that it is possible – because you are dedicated to making things happen… even in the face of time constraints.

On this site, in her lectures and through her books, author, keynote speaker, marketing & sales training guru, success expert and consultant, Jeanne Hauer, offers you a complete game plan for success.

Learn how you can take charge of your personal and professional life. For any individual, small business entrepreneur or corporate executive, Jeanne Hauer, success expert, will help you to get to the next level and reach your goals. And you’ll get there with proven principles and fresh ideas to get you there fast!

Read on to find out how you can take control of your life – starting now.

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  Featured Books by Author Jeanne Hauer
Books - Millionaire Women and Mission Possible Millionaire Women
Success Secrets of 16 women who started a business out of their home.

Mission Possible!
The power of Vision and Peak Performance Marketing.